Mother’s Day Blessing – A Prayer

Dear fellow mothers – and with mothers I mean all of you who pour your hearts and minds, bodies and souls into mothering, into nurturing and sustaining Life in its myriad forms – so, to all of you, blessed keepers of the Hearth,

As I sit quietly this morning, listening for what I really want to share with you to honour and celebrate you today, the inner nudge is clear: share a prayer.

Here it is, for you, this mother’s day.

droplet on plant

May you, dearest mother – in all your mothering – be mothered.

May you be nurtured and sustained. By Light. By Love. And by Community.

I pray that when your head is tired, you have a soft, safe place to rest it.

When your hands are weary, may you have someone to hold them, soothe them, stroke them.

I pray that when your feet are heavy and worn, you put them up and breath deeply.

I pray that when your heart is cracked open again and again and again, you know it won’t break, it is strong. It can only be pierced, and in doing so, it is stretched, it grows to enable more compassion, understanding and love to pour through. And in those moments, may you have sisters and brothers at your side to hold you and comfort you.

May you keep that beautiful heart of yours soft and open, no matter how many storms, aches, joys, overwhelm and doubt it experiences.

When you feel depleted, when you have been giving and giving and feel like you have no more to give, may you remember to ask and to receive. And please, if possible, remember before you get that empty, yes?

Don’t hold back when you are delighted about the smallest and biggest step forward you, your project, your child, your service takes. More joy is more joy. Period. Rejoice. Share. Inspire with each gem you uncover, with each bit of Light you discover, encourage and witness.

May you honour and celebrate the importance of your work: to nurture and sustain Life is sacred.

May you keep sourcing from that place of freedom, where response is possible and reactivity can be released like an old garment.

May you know, in your mind, in your cells, in your heart of hearts: you are not alone. We only seem separate. Truly, we are all travelling together in one big caravan. Your tears are our tears. Your joys are our joys. Your concerns are our concerns. Your hopes are our hopes. Your children are our children.

May you have the courage to keep saying yes to Life, even when it’s hard or you feel helpless or scared.

I pray that you keep opening to the One Great Big Love at the centre of It All, so that no matter the situation, you know: you are always held.

Thank you for every ounce, every caress, every snack, every note and prayer and stitch and vision and hope and sweat and dance of Mother-Love you share with the world. Thank you for You!

God bless you. God keep you safe. God mother you.


With all my love. Blessed Mother’s Day!


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