Easing into and out of

June 7, 2016
On today’s homeschooling menu we had: weeding in the garden while chatting about life insights… such as how when we react we are not trustworthy, and when we are grounded in our big, open Heart and alert Mind, we can more fully trust and lean into our emergent responses. Lovely exchanges about the intricacies of relating to people and ourselves. Also, English class over skype with grandfather Chris in Switzerland, then going over dance moves from the Cats musical, some stretching, a little science and some melon eating.

This easing off from our more structured homeschooling habits and academic content as we enter June is a gift of homeschooling I always cherish. As well as the gradual, gentle easing back into a fuller schedule during September. And that we again choose to ease off during Advent to allow space and time for the sacred, cozy card-making, candle-lit creativity of preparing for Christmas.

This possibility of bracketing the school year and seasons with “easing into” and “away from” is something I recall missing in my teens when the workload kept going full-pace until the last day. I am glad we get to re-enact, re-invent, re-culture.

And I ask you: where and how in your daily life might you find a bit of space to undo a habit (an assumed and familiar ‘norm’) that doesn’t serve you and your family, and instead explore a new one that possibly fits better?

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