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Are you ready to kindly and courageously face yourself so that you can grace the world with your true face, your authentic self?

I help you come fully alive in your Self, in your Relationships, in the World.

I do this by engaging the whole You – human being and human becoming.

Being a human is not easy. It’s hard, what you’re doing. It’s courageous. And amazing. And so very worth it. This human project is not for the faint of heart, right?!

You care deeply. You know you’re here for a reason, that there is more to Life than just making-do. You’re aware of an inner spark that wants to serve and express itself, even if it feels covered up by despair, heartbreak, confusion, or plain old tiredness.

Perhaps you feel stuck and alone. You’d love some help with a difficult situation and transition. You ache for something more…. more quality and depth, more Joy, more Aliveness. Relationships that are more fulfilling. A deeper honoring of you who really are.

You want to keep growing up and become more integrated and whole. You know the journey is not over, that you can become a finer human being, that you are a “work-in-progress” and that finding out who you really are and stepping into the world from that place is where the glory is.

And so you are ready for change, but don’t quite know where to start. You know there are places and relationships that are suffering because you are repeating old patterns instead of breaking through and moving onward. And having someone to really see and hear you, to guide you, cheer you on, provide inspiration, tools, skills, practices and perspectives would make the whole effort swifter, more effective, and enjoyable!

In short, you’re willing to heal, to begin again, though perhaps unsure how to do this, and having someone give you a hand with that would be really nice.

Or perhaps you’re a mum, a dad, a grandparent, a caregiver. Someone who cares so much about the child or children entrusted to you, and yet you feel exhausted, overwhelmed, unsure how to change old habits, knee-jerk reactions and hurtful interactions.

You know there is another way… at least you hope there is. One of greater ease and joy. One that doesn’t pit you against your child, but keeps you connected. One in which you will have to face yourself and yes, it will be work. But it will be good work. Important work. Work that will bless your child. Work that will bless you and your family. And make it all more fun and worthwhile.

You are curious about how your child develops, and what she needs at different stages in her life. You would like nothing more than to see your child become who he truly is, and live her life to its fullest. You want to support that. In her. In him. And in yourself.

You have never felt more challenged and you can see how being a parent brings you to your edge, stretches you more than anything else, as well as holds promise for amazing growth and breakthrough.

Whether you’re here on your own, as a couple or as a parent


I am here to hold your hand, and offer guidance and clarity if you’d like me to.

We’ll likely be a great fit for each other if:

    • you want to deepen your awareness and nourish the connection with yourself, with your dear ones, with truth
    • you’re ready for change, but don’t quite know how and where to begin
    • you want to discover the delight and ease possible when you learn to “dance in the rain, instead of waiting for the storm to pass”
    • you’d love to spiral up instead of circling around and around. In other words, you are ready to take responsibility – to learn how to respond instead of react, and you are willing to get to the roots of whatever is keeping you stuck.


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I am Miriam, founder of Next Step Integral Counselling and Coaching Services. I started working as a counselor, teacher and coach over two decades ago because I love people and because I am intensely and ongoingly curious about who we are, we human beings-in-the-making. I love how unique each person is. How vulnerable and real we are under our protective gear. How beautiful and hopeful. Also, how brave. I believe we can co-create an astounding world filled with more grace, integrity and joy when we let go of the barriers we hold up against each other, and dare to be real, generous and kind. I think this is what the future is calling us to become. 
And I am certain that each child deserves to grow into such a world.

I offer:

      • Parent coaching for individuals and parent groups (also in person or online)
      • An 8-week online course in which I teach and explore with you and a wonderful international community “Parenting as a Spiritual Practice
      • Guidance, support, and inspiration in my blog

I love working with people who:

  • are more committed to truth than to comfort, even when it’s scary
  • get excited at the prospect of stretching out their arms, opening their hearts, taking deep breaths, and becoming more of who they truly are
  • care about doing the right thing even when no-one is watching
  • will pick up a toy phone a child hands them and say, “Yes, hello, who’s calling?”
  • treat old people kindly and respectfully, and don’t think of “service” as an outdated concept, but feel they are here on earth for just that
  • are willing to keep growing up even if they are already ‘officially’ adults; they know the journey is ongoing, they’re not done and may never be, and that’s kind of exciting

Are you ready to begin?

I invite you to explore my counseling and coaching services, take a look at my 8-week online course for parents & caregivers, receive inspiration by reading my blog, and tell me what you need.

For individuals and couples; personalized and in-depth. Each counseling session is informed by your unique person(s), your particular situation, your distinct questions and challenges, longings and next steps. I honor the many dimensions present in you – physical, emotional, mental, social and spiritual. Your wholeness and your brokenness. Your past self, present self and ever-unfolding potential self. I hold a vision with you of integration and renewal.

Parent Coaching is designed for parents, grandparents, and anyone in a caregiving role to a child. I stand in solidarity with you as you navigate one of the most important, meaningful and challenging tasks on earth: that of raising and accompanying another human being. I use an integral approach to support you with insights, tools & practices so that you and your child can take your next steps together joyfully, with confidence.

Do you have a specific question on which you are seeking guidance? Are you looking for clarity and direction on how to move forward on a particular issue? I offer single session consults to which I bring my professional experience, my penchant for creative practical brainstorming and intuitive solution finding, as well as my integral-evolutionary approach, deep listening and caring presence to help you along.

My 8-week online Parenting as a Spiritual Practice course brings together a wonderful community of parents and caregivers from around the world. This comprehensive course is a lifelong resource to help you discover the ease on the other side of complexity and experience the full transformative potential of parenthood. It contains many practices and perspectives to bring the idea of parenting as a spiritual practice into daily life with your child.