Each of us carries the seed, the potential for health ~ wholeness ~ holiness.

We can choose to water and nurture this seed to bring forth growth and healing. The journey – this ongoing process of dedication to truth – requires courage, honesty, curiosity and stamina. In working with clients, I maintain that a conscious choice, however silent and small, be at the foundation of our journey together. Ultimately the journey is yours. I will accompany, support, and encourage you; and help you strengthen and express your inner spark.


In addition to my training in Psychology, my promise to you is that I bring to each session my fullest listening, my attentive heart, my creativity & inquisitive mind, and my integral background which enables me to consider multiple angles, dimensions and facets of who you are and would like to become, as well as the toolbox of skills, practices, and perspectives I have researched, designed and refined over two decades of working with people in this format.

I aim for a graceful blend of gentleness and fierceness: I will tell you frankly what I see, and I will do it with a ton of care and compassion. I won’t let you off the hook, but I will fully respect and be informed by your own timing and readiness. It may help you to know that I don’t shy away from the depth, span and intensity of human emotion and experience. I’ve seen and felt a lot… from tears, shame, confusion, anger, frozen grief, fear, lies and laughter to crazy-making mind-loops, depression, courage, victimhood, heart-opening vulnerability and soul-bursts of awakening. No matter what you are going through, I am committed to providing you with a loving container of clarity and non-reactivity; a shared space of presence.

I work with insights and practices from neuroscience, attachment theory, developmental psychology, voice dialogue, somatic experiencing, visualization, re-framing, re-imagining and re-enacting, mindfulness, Emotional Freedom Technique, and engaging you both as a human being and a human becoming.

If I notice resistance to change in you (which is quite a common phenomenon, even when we think we are ready to change), I will address that, and we will work together to ready you for actual change. This usually involves looking at what is unconsciously or subconsciously holding you back from what you are consciously wanting and expressing. Once you are ready, it often unfolds quite quickly.


The reasons why someone engages me as a counselor are varied and vast.

    Here are some examples:

    anxiety, stress, overwhelm
    life transition(s)
    relationship issues in regard to communication, intimacy, reactivity, heartbreak, sexuality, trust
    simply feeling lost and needing someone to talk to and be fully heard by
    personal development and spiritual growth


Miriam has been an invaluable resource for me over the last two years. Her wisdom and knowledge, along with a knack for creating practical solutions, have translated to awonderful new approach both to family life and career path for me. I am ever so grateful to have her input, and plan to continue to request it.

– L.T.

I have worked with various counsellors over the years and when I began working with Miriam, it was a feeling of coming home. I deeply resonated with her clarity and compassion. Often just being in her presence would help me come back into alignment with my true self. I am deeply appreciative of the guidance she offered me as a counselor and parenting coach.

– L.L.

What a powerful session, thank you so much for remaining our calm anchor to bring us back to each other in all the love that I know we have for each other…truly don’t know what we would do without you and these weekly couple sessions… you’re such a gift to us, thank you!!

– H. S.

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Contact me, ask me any questions you may still have, and we can look at setting up an appointment, either in-person or online.

I work with individuals and with couples.

Where it serves you, Therapeutic Counselling can be combined with Parent Coaching into one session.