Parent Coaching

As a parent you stand at a pivotal place in your child’s life – right at the juncture between “what was” and “what can be”. You can undo and heal trauma and reactivity from the past to clear the way for your child to not have to “get over her/his childhood” and instead experience the first few decades of Life as a supportive springboard into her/his future.
Parent coaching can be likened to a guided conversation. Together, we will look for patterns in your and/or your child’s life to understand how they first came about. By talking, imagining together and looking at your preferred reality, we will bring new levels of conscious awareness and information to any question or struggle you may be experiencing. Throughout, I will help you nurture self-compassion.

Because parenting often involves re-parenting yourself so that unhealthy patterns don’t get passed on over generations, a parent coaching session may well overlap with a counseling session. I bridge between these two with ease.


Parenting coaching is like a generous encounter. With heart-full presence I work with your imagination of what is possible and expand your reference points. I encourage you to look at any situation from multiple perspectives and to get behind your child’s eyes again and again. I help you develop skills and grow your own parenting toolkit so that both you and your child (each of you individually, as well as your shared connection – the ‘We’) can thrive.

I combine somatic experiencing, attachment theory, neuroscience, mindfulness, developmental psychology, and many other fields of research & insight to help you deepen the relationship you share with your child, to know yourself and your child better, and to carve a new path forward for your family.

Because all parenting happens right in the middle of daily life, I listen carefully for and offer practical takeaways so that you can bring what you discover and learn in a session straight to life, with your child.

Your needs and pace guide the way, and I “hold your hand” until you feel ready to take off on your own again.


The spectrum of topics is as far and wide as the expansive territory parenting covers.

Here a few examples:

  • You keep reacting with your child (yelling, blowing up, getting impatient and short etc.), even if you have told yourself a hundred times you want to remain calm and loving. You feel guilty and want to get to the bottom of this pattern and rebuild trust.
  • You would like to figure out how to provide loving, clear boundaries and healthy discipline.
  • You and your partner have differing parenting approaches. You worry that this could confuse, or worse, harm your child.
  • Your child is being bullied. You are concerned and don’t know how best to help him.
  • You feel you have “lost” yourself since becoming a parent and are looking for support in integrating you as person and you as parent.
  • You discovered your child lying to you. You are shocked and sad.
  • You feel disconnected from your child and don’t know how to rebuild and strengthen relationship with her.
  • You are worried how the conflict you are experiencing with your child’s father/mother may be affecting your child.
  • Your child is experiencing learning challenges and you would like to know how best to support her.
  • You are noticing how being a parent is bringing up triggers you didn’t know were still there. You want to deal with them now so that your child doesn’t need to.
  • Your kids fight constantly. You are worn out and at your wit’s end.


She is my ‘go to person’ for support, insight and advice for my major parenting struggles. In those times when I really don’t know what to do, I know she will offer a compassionate open ear and heart and weave the struggles into tangible things to say or do in order to bring calm and confidence back into my parenting while maintaining respectful connection with my son. She has a wonderfully skilled way of seeing and focusing on the positive in me and my child and brings a truly integral approach to nourish the body, mind, soul and spirit that each of us is as individuals and the we-space we share together as mother and child

Jen C., mother, professional, Canada

Miriam Mason Martineau redefines and uplifts the task of parenting to be one of our greatest opportunities for personal growth and spiritual activism. An inspired evolutionary visionary, Miriam is a living example of what she teaches, and she has created a path of practice that enables us to grow alongside our children, catapulting our own developing while causing our children to thrive. While most of us are focused on transforming the present, Miriam’s calling is to transform the future, one child at a time. She does it with such deep goodness and heart, that one cannot help but become a better parent in her presence.

Katherine Woodward Thomas, author of Calling in “The One” and Conscious Uncoupling: 5 Steps to Living Happily Even After, and co-founder of the Feminine Power Global Community

I had experienced Miriam’s beautiful presence through the Parenting as a Spiritual Practice class. When I had an issue related to parenting that I could not find a way through, I reached out to Miriam for a session. In one session, through heartfelt listening and inquiry, I was able to touch down into the painful places and see through to possibilities that could sustain me as a mother as I moved forward. Before the call, this was an issue I ruminated on whenever ‘triggered.’ After the call, I felt a lightness and could move onto the next challenges of parenting. Miriam is a wonderful elder to turn to with any parenting or life challenges. As a side note, a skype counseling session is surprisingly pleasant and effective.

—M.J., San Francisco Bay Area

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Contact me, ask me any questions you may still have, and we can look at setting up an appointment, either in-person or online.

I work with individuals, couples and also offer group parent coaching*.

Where it serves you, Parent Coaching can be combined with Therapeutic Counselling into one session.

* Group parent coaching can be a wonderful way for you to gather with fellow parents, receive my coaching on your most urgent questions, learn from each other, as well as strengthen a sense of community amongst yourselves, growing your “village” of support at the same time as you work with me.

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