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    Explore the different ways I can help you make that happen.

Healing, integration and renewal are not empty words and concepts.

Becoming more whole and beginning anew is truly possible.

It is my honor and delight to support you in this adventure.

Would you like to journey together?

There is a delightful ease and grace, a stunning simplicity possible on the other side of complexity. I help you find your way there.

Are you feeling alone, confused, upset, overwhelmed, impatient, exhausted, anxious, inspired, in the middle of great change, curious, or a mix of many… be this within yourself, in your relationships, or with your children? I am here to hold your hand and walk beside you for a while, to guide and support you. 

Here are the various ways we can engage:

For individuals and couples; personalized and in-depth. Each counseling session is informed by your unique person(s), your particular situation, your distinct questions and challenges, longings and next steps. I honor the many dimensions present in you – physical, emotional, mental, social and spiritual. Your wholeness and your brokenness. Your past self, present self and ever-unfolding potential self. I hold a vision with you of integration and renewal.

Parent Coaching is designed for parents, grandparents, and anyone in a caregiving role to a child. I stand in solidarity with you as you navigate one of the most important, meaningful and challenging tasks on earth: that of raising and accompanying another human being. I use an integral approach to support you with insights, tools & practices so that you and your child can take your next steps together joyfully, with confidence.

Do you have a specific question on which you are seeking guidance? Are you looking for clarity and direction on how to move forward on a particular issue? I offer single session consults to which I bring my professional experience, my penchant for creative practical brainstorming and intuitive solution finding, as well as my integral-evolutionary approach, deep listening and caring presence to help you along.

My 8-week online Parenting as a Spiritual Practice course brings together a wonderful community of parents and caregivers from around the world. This comprehensive course is a lifelong resource to help you discover the ease on the other side of complexity and experience the full transformative potential of parenthood. It contains many practices and perspectives to bring the idea of parenting as a spiritual practice into daily life with your child.