Shift in Perspective: A Key Ingredient to Parent Consciously

So much about approaching parenting as a spiritual practice involves shifts in perspective…

The shift from “It’s all happening to me” to “What choices am I going to make?”

The shift from being consumed by / immersed in my own perspective to considering my child’s perspective. How does the world look like, feel like from his/her viewpoint?

The shift from feeling like I’ll never get it right to: “I’m on a journey, I am practicing”.

The shift from “I never have any more time for myself” to “What activity could I engage in with my child that would nurture both of us?”

The shift from “playing with those dolls one more time is the last thing I want to do” to “I wonder what I could learn about my daughter’s world if I sit down and play with her?”

The shift from “everyone else seems to be managing just fine, what’s wrong with me?” to giving yourself kindness, compassion, a cup of tea, and taking your next step with love.

The shift from feeling stressed every time we have to get out of the house in the morning to taking it a step at a time, connecting before directing, and remembering to take lots of deep breaths.

The shift from grumpiness to shaking things up with humor.

And so many more. What shift could you, would you like to make today that could change your experience?


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