Exploring Trust

Last week, during our homeschooling English class, A. and I watched this wonderful talk by Brene Brown on the Anatomy of Trust.

We took our time, we paused it here and there, discussed sections, took notes, and had an incredibly rich and insightful conversation about how and if we trust ourselves, and others.

We made a chart and A. wrote down from 1-10 (10 being the highest, 1 the lowest) her estimated current levels of trust toward herself, her dad and me, in the 7 areas of trust and trust building Brene identifies. We spoke about how she might continue building and strengthening trust in herself, and become more trustworthy, as well as how her dad and I can become more trustworthy in relation to her. She identified which friends were pretty full “marble-jar” friends, and why.

Not all of it was easy to hear. It was revealing in many directions, strengthening and sobering.

Brene provides such a clear articulation and just as she promises, an anatomy of this big word “Trust” that facilitates going way deeper into the actual building blocks of this big thing, this quintessential glue of relationship: Trust.

Here her seven distinct building blocks of Trust:


And now, do go watch this talk, and then discuss it with yourself, with a friend, a partner, your child, yes? Cause this is a beautiful, honest, and revealing way we can work toward seeing where there are gaps, face them, and then move forward to build the village, the world our children need and deserve to grow up in.


Much love!

PS: Thank you, Brene Brown, fellow mama, fine person and brilliant woman!

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