Grace, Not Perfection, Is Our Standard

Holding ourselves to a standard of Grace, not of Perfection.

This quote has become one of my favorite reminders. Every time I say it to myself, I breath more fully and deeply. My shoulders relax. Life is lighter.

It’s so important to remember this when we lift the bar of what is possible as parents (and human beings)… if we don’t, we will get bogged down so fast by guilt, despair, a sense of failure, giving up… Parenting as a Spiritual Practice is NOT about perfection, ever!

It is about being on a journey, committing to growing, to doing the best we can, to learn from when we make mistakes, to make right wherever possible, and to keep going.

So, the question is: How can we keep raising the bar, bringing more consciousness, more Love and Light to our parenting, while SIMULTANEOUSLY offering ourselves and others generous doses of kindness, compassion, tenderness and forgiveness?

Let’s hold each other to standard of GRACE, not perfection.

Let’s remember that we are on a journey here. We are practicing.

We are bound to stumble and fall, and we will be kind when we do. We will be gentle, allow Grace to infuse us, and keep going, learning, living and loving!

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