Father’s Day – Thank you!

Dear Fathers!

Today we celebrate you. We pause and reflect on all the ways you shape who we are, as individuals and as a humanity. We celebrate the many examples you share of courage, protection, strength and deep care.

We thank you for all the time you get on your knees and play wholeheartedly with your little one.

Thank you for all the catching, throwing, launching, holding, comforting you do!


Thank you for each moment of Presence you offer your kids – it is water to their souls, earth to their spirits, nourishment to their minds and bodies.

Thank you for the many many days you go off to work, missing so many of the small daily and intimate family moments to provide for your family. This ongoing gesture of Love is so appreciated. And thank you for all the times you don’t go off to work and stay home to tend to the hearth, to hang out with family!

Thank you for leading with what you sense and know is possible, rather than limiting your fathering to what was given to you, as well-meant and magnificent, challenging or stuck as that may have been.

Thank you for every time you allow your heart to soften, and encourage your sons’ and daughters’ hearts to soften, showing them that we humans can be both brave and tender.

Thank you for the confident and calm boundaries you set, allowing your children to run free, guided by handrails and accountability.

Thank you for the manageable challenges you provide, the stretches that make space for your child to grow into his and her potential.

Thank you for modelling what evolving fatherhood looks like. Today we celebrate you with full hearts and much gratitude!

In my work with fathers, I get to witness the incredible dedication, love and care fathers have for their children. It is humbling and incredibly inspiring. I thank you for this too.

Today I light a candle for you all and offer this wish, this prayer:

May you receive in giving.

May you feel loved in loving.

May you heal in discovering your own vulnerability and strength.

May you stand for justice and truth, kindness and compassion.

May you find Joy in providing Joy for your, for all our young ones.

And may you continue to evolve what is possible as FATHER.

Every blessing for each step along your journey.

All my love, Miriam

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