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I am happy to share with you here some GIFTs to support you in your parenting journey by getting in touch with your true Self, and living life from that source right in the midst of your daily life.

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  • Home Within practice / meditation (This is a practice you can do anywhere and any time. It comes from a course I teach called Parenting as a Spiritual Practice, and can be applied to all relationships and circumstances)
  • Handout to accompany the practice: Love is a Choice
  • Discovering your True Priorities: The First Step in Making Real Change Happen

The guided practice – Home within – and the accompanying handout (Love is a Choice) will help you discern where you are coming from within yourself in each moment (your ego or your deeper, essential self) and enable you to live and relate from a place of centered-ness, so that you can respond rather than react to your child.

By making this a regular practice, you will discover an unshakeable ease and joy in relating with your self and others, and day in day out!

The reflective worksheet (Discovering your True Priorities) will support you in prioritizing the multiple demands on your time and energy, and finding honest clarity about where you really need to focus your attention and action, so that you can align your Life with your essential Self. It will help you get really honest about how you are currently living your life and what choices you are presently making. This discernment is key to making any real headway in aligning your daily life with what you most deeply believe in and value. Then you can allow the future to inspire the present, and lift the present, step by step, to your envisioned future!

Thank you for all you are and do toward bringing more Consciousness, Presence and Integrity to your engagement with your self, with your children and others!

Miriam Mason Martineau

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