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Regret: Facing, Feeling and Healing the Heartache of Lost Possibilities

A friend and colleague, recently turned 40, shared the following sentiment, “I have now reached the age when I experience regret. And it sucks.” There, he said it. Just like that. I remember the relief I felt, hearing someone speak this out loud. Not whitewashing the experience with something like, “But it’s all good!” or […]

Dear Mothers ~ I See You

Dearest mothers ~ keepers of the Hearth ~ mothers of children, mothers of Life, mothering ones, Yesterday a fellow mother surprised me with a beautiful bouquet of flowers. She looked me straight in the eyes and thanked me for the mother I am. She wished me a happy Mother’s Day, and in a few words, […]

Grace, Not Perfection, Is Our Standard

Holding ourselves to a standard of Grace, not of Perfection. This quote has become one of my favorite reminders. Every time I say it to myself, I breath more fully and deeply. My shoulders relax. Life is lighter. It’s so important to remember this when we lift the bar of what is possible as parents […]