• An Integral Approach

This approach to therapeutic counseling and parent coaching aims to meet you as fully as possible, both in your being (who you are presently), and your becoming (your growing edge, your next steps).

It invites (and sometimes challenges) you to keep on growing up and waking up – as a human being, as a partner, as a parent and friend.

It considers your past, present and future, as well as your body, mind, soul and spirit.

It involves approaching any subject from as many possible points of view and insight as possible, and bringing these into effective relationship with one another.

It encourages you to hold seeming contrasts and polarities simultaneously (for example, that surrendering doesn’t mean giving up; or that you can be both firm and loving; or that life is both beautiful and oh so hard).

This approach welcomes ongoing growth and development in the direction of greater complexity and differentiation, eventually leading to a simplicity beyond (not before!) all the complexity, a simplicity that includes the many distinctions and integrations you make along the path.

By definition, an integral evolutionary context itself keeps on expanding and growing. You keep lifting the ceiling. You stretch and flourish through whatever limitations you may function within, and you climb over the edges of your particular “box,” to step out into an ever wider and deeper perspective on what your life and your efforts are all about.

Throughout this journey, I will be right at your side, reminding you of this context, considering with you the individual / collective aspects as well as the interior / exterior dimensions of what you are facing. We will also look at your particular tendencies and leanings (your type), your strengths and the areas you are weaker in (your development & maturation in various areas of life and learning), the states of consciousness you access, and the stage of consciousness you tend to reside in on a daily basis.

This integral evolutionary approach is an embodied way of viewing and engaging with Life that increases the circle of Care and Love you can access, that makes space for Goodness, Truth and Beauty, here on this earth, in and through you, and me, and all of us.

In short, an integral evolutionary approach is the most effective, inclusive and differentiated way I have found to help my clients become more of who they are, develop and realize their potential, and make real headway along their unique path of life.